Quality Assurance

Al Basela Sources Internationally Approved Products with Quality Assurance Certificate from its Manufacturers/Suppliers. We are proud of our involvement in the development and co-operation with many international enterprises. We are always open for business and to new ideas, because an open mind, is one, that can take full advantage of opportunity.To ensure full communication and control is maintained throughout the professional Group, the Al Basela have invested in appropriate information technology based solutions which have resulted in enhanced user productivity and improved customer service.

Al Basela was always in the forefront to bring the latest and best quality materials for its client with global tie-ups with manufacturers and service providers with proven records in the Oil & Gas sector. To our office and distribution teams and the owners of the business, our greatest motivation is to provide our customers with the most progressive, customer focused, business-enhancing service.

As well as a passion for the products and services we provide, our business, and our relationship with our customers, is driven by the following:

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Responsiveness
  • The quality of our systems
  • Commitment to doing what we promise to do for

Helping you cut the hidden costs of procurement

For our customers, this means reducing your investment in working stock, ensuring that you have the consumables and equipment you need, where and when you need them, and helping you cut the hidden costs of procurement. By doing this well, you save time and money and get priceless peace of mind – while we grow a successful business. Everybody wins.